High School Equivalency

San Jacinto College offers GED classes in Houston

Congratulations on earning your High School Equivalency. That’s a big accomplishment. Now you’re ready to take the next step and begin your college education at San Jacinto College.

You will need to follow the Steps to Enroll. provide an official High School Equivalency certification indicating that you have passed all parts of the High School Equivalency Exam, in lieu of a high school transcript.

What qualifies as passing? That will depend on when you took the test.

After January 1, 2002

Prior to 2002

410 or higher on each of the 5 tests

40 or higher on each test

Average Score = 450 (2,250 points)

Average score = 45 (or 225 total)

If you have taken the High School Equivalency exam, but have not passed all parts, you may be eligible for admissions by special approval. You should contact our Admissions Office at 281-998-6150 for more information.

Are you interested in taking a High School Equivalency Exam?  San Jacinto College offers High School Equivalency classes in Continuing Professional Development  and testing services on all Houston area campuses.