More About College Preparatory Department

Our Mission Statement: The College Preparatory Department will prepare students to succeed in college-level courses by using an integrated and holistic approach, building upon the strengths of the students.


  1. College Preparatory students will complete the required college prep and academic courses in one semester for academic success at a higher rate. 
  2. College Preparatory students will receive a holistic and integrated approach to learning by integrating the College Preparatory Department with Student Services.
  3. College Preparatory students will be able to pass the TSIA after successfully (with an A, B or C) completing recommended areas of remediation.


  1. Provide supplemental instruction opportunities for students through such services as tutoring, labs outside of class, mediated learning, etc.
  2. Integrate multimedia instruction opportunities into the learning experience.
  3. Generate student awareness of student services that are available.
  4. Encourage racial and ethnic minorities and other students from local school districts to attend San Jacinto College through outreach programs.
  5. Modify college preparatory courses according to best practices recommendations.
  6. Increase the effectiveness of adjunct faculty through training programs, academic support and by including part-time faculty in some of the support systems provided to full-time faculty.
  7. Improve student persistence using a variety of instructional methods to meet the learning needs of a variety of students to achieve academic success.

The College Preparatory Department’s Mission, Goals and Objectives provide the supporting structure from which the Departments of Mathematics, Integrated Reading and Writing anchor their individual programs. Each division component shares the mission of preparing students to be successful at the college-level of instruction during their first semester. The method of achieving their goals and objectives may vary but still adheres to the basic mission of preparing students for completion of their first level academic course course.