Accuplacer ESL


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San Jacinto College uses the Accuplacer English as a Second Language (ESL) test to help determine ESOL course placement for non-native English speakers. The test consists of Listening, Reading, Sentence Meaning and Language Use multiple-choice sections, and a WritePlacer ESL essay section.

You should meet with an advisor to discuss your testing needs. They will provide you with a Testing Request Form that you will need before scheduling to test.

After testing, you should meet with an advisor to discuss your scores and what they mean for class enrollment. You have the option to retest if appropriate as discussed with your advisor. You will need to pay a retest fee and can test once per day.

If you are eligible to receiving testing accommodations, please meet with Accessibility Services to ensure you receive the appropriate accommodations and learn how they can apply to this test.

This test is only available for the purpose of enrollment with San Jac.

The Accuplacer ESL test is not timed. Most students finish in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but you are allowed up to 14 days to finish. You can take breaks during any multiple-choice section, but you must finish your essay in one sitting.

Before testing, you should review the Accuplacer ESL sample questions and sample essays to prepare for the test. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) office also offers preparatory support. Check with their office for more information.

When you're ready to test, be sure to have:

  • Your photo ID (driver's license, student ID, etc.)
  • Your Testing Request Form
  • $30 for the retest fee or your payment receipt

If you're testing virtually, confirm that you can meet the additional technical requirements before scheduling.

If you need to retest, speak with your advisor to learn how you can complete payment through your SOS Account.

To test virtually, you will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and audio capabilities. Devices such as cell phones, iPads, Surface and other tablets will not work.

Please follow these steps to ensure you meet the technical requirements:

  1. Download and install Zoom on your device.
  2. Create your Zoom account using the same email you use to schedule your test appointment.
  3. Confirm that Zoom can correctly run Zoom (use the join with video option).
  4. Confirm that your device can run Accuplacer.

The Accuplacer Student Portal provides practice resources to help you prepare. Click on the link and select Practice Resources.

You can also retrieve your unofficial score report. You should still meet with an advisor to review your scores and what they mean for your enrollment.

San Jac Testing Centers have a responsibility to faculty, students and the community to maintain testing integrity and appropriately respond to any infractions that may occur. We administer the Accuplacer ESL in accordance with policy, rules and guidelines set forth by the College Board and Accuplacer platform.

Testing Center staff will stop testing for any examinee who commits an alleged testing infraction while taking the Accuplacer ESL. After correcting the alleged infraction and collecting any unauthorized aids, staff will allow the examinee to resume if the alleged infraction is minor as defined below; however, staff will not allow the examine to resume and will dismiss the examinee from the Testing Center if the alleged infraction is major. Multiple minor alleged infractions may also result in staff not allowing an examinee to resume and dismissing the examinee from the Testing Center.

Currently defined major infractions include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating: Using unauthorized testing aids, colluding with an individual and impersonating or having someone impersonate the examinee during a test.
  • Bribery: Offering or accepting monetary or other compensation in exchange for test assistance or other benefit.
  • Theft: Removing or attempting to remove test material or other privileged material from the Testing Center.
  • Disruption or violence: Acting in a manner that causes a disruption to other examinees or threat to any individual.

Currently defined minor infractions include, but are not limited to:

  • General non-compliance: Failing to follow staff instructions and/or testing guidelines regarding test materials, breaks, etc.

Other actions and behaviors not defined here may be regarded as a major or minor infraction at the Testing Center's discretion depending on the nature and severity of the action and behavior.

Staff will complete a Notice of Testing Infraction form detailing the incident and submit the form and all collected materials to their Testing Coordinator for review in collaboration with the Dean of Student Records & College Registrar as well as the Dean of Student Development and a leader from an appropriate advising office (Admissions, Education Planning, Counseling and Completion, Dual Credit).

The appropriate Dean, or designee, will determine appropriate disciplinary action.