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student in testing center

District Testing Forms (May Be Used at All Three Campuses)

Faculty Instruction Sheet for Make-Up & Accommodations Testing

SJC Faculty Instruction Sheet


TSI Assessment Remote Testing Procedures

The procedures are for students that do not plan on attending San Jacinto College but need to take the TSI Assessment for another Texas college or university.  San Jacinto College charges a $20 proctoring for those individuals that utilizing a remote voucher.  Students must schedule an appointment in advance for this service.

TSI Assessment Remote Testing Procedures


Student ID Form (used for those students that do not have any type of photo identification for TSI, Accuplacer ESL, and CLEP)

Student ID Form


TSI Cross Institutional Score Report Request Form

This form is used for students that have taken the TSI Assessment at another Texas college, university, or high school.  The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requires written consent from the student in order for San Jacinto College to retrieve your test scores from another institution.  This process can take up to 72 hours.  A completed TSI Cross-Institutional Score Report Request Form can be sent to the Testing Center of your choice.


TSI Cross-Institutional Score Report Request Form