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Taking dual credit courses can be one of the most important decisions that you make in your high school career. Research indicates that students who complete college course work while in high school are more likely to complete a college degree or credential. We are excited that you have found our website and hope that you are able to locate what you need. Please do not hesitate to stop by our office, call or email.

Spring Semester 2019

  • Begin.................................January 14, 2019
  • End....................................May 10, 2019
  • Payment Deadline..............January 3, 2019
  • Drop Deadline...................April 11, 2019

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Dual Credit at Central Campus

Dual credit is a form of concurrent enrollment allowing a student to take certain courses at San Jacinto College that earn both college and high school credit. 

Typically, students take two courses each semester while in high school. By doing this, students can graduate from high school with 24+ hours of college credit. Additional hours can be earned by taking courses during the summer. Courses taken for dual credit enjoy a 75% discount on tuition and fees. 

Courses may also be taken as early admission. Early admission is also a form of concurrent enrollment, but unlike dual credit, these courses only earn college credit and are not eligible for the 75% discount on tuition and fees. 

Participating in our dual credit program has many benefits. 

  1. Accelerate time to degree completion--a bachelor's degree typically takes four years to complete. By taking courses while in high school, you can earn up to a year of college credit. 
  2. Save money--community colleges offer substantial savings to students by charging lower tuition rates than larger institutions. San Jacinto College goes the extra mile by offering a 75% discount to students taking courses for dual credit. 
  3. Quality education--San Jacinto College is recognized as one of the top five community colleges in the nation by The Aspen Institute. You'll enjoy small classes taught by nationally recognized, award winning faculty. 
  4. Easy transferring--most academic credits easily transfer to public universities in Texas. They may also be accepted at private or out-of-state institutions. Always check with the receiving institution to verify transferability and applicability to your major and degree. 
  5. Build confidence--going to college is stressful under the best circumstances. Participating in our dual credit program offers you a way to ease the transition from high school to college by supporting you with a strong system of services geared toward making you a successful student.

Prior to completing the admission's processes at San Jacinto College, students should meet with their high school counselor for additional details regarding how to register for dual credit courses. Click here for printable information about participating in the Dual Credit program at San Jacinto College.

Here's what you need to do to participate: 

  1. Apply online and get an SJC Student ID (G-Number). 
    • Apply at www.applytexas.org. Be sure to complete the profile and the application!
    • Your application will be processesed within 72 hours. After that, you'll be emailed your SJC Student ID (example: G0100123).
  2. Meet the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) requirements. 
    • All students must take the TSIA or prove an exemption or waiver in the areas of reading, writing, and math. 
      • An exemption permanently exempts a student from taking the TSIA. 
      • A waiver temporarily waives the requirement while the student is in high school. 
    • Testing may be available at your high school. 
    • Further details about the TSIA can be found by clicking here
  3. Submit proof of or exemption from Bacterial Meningitis vaccination. 
    • Shot records or exemption forms should be emailed to Meningitis.Docs@sjcd.edu or faxed to 281-669-4720.
    • Further details about Bacterial Meningitis can be found by clicking here
  4. Register for classes. 
    • Web registration is NOT available for dual credit students. To register, complete a Dual Credit/Early Admission Enrollment Permission Form with your high school counselor. 
    • Turn the completed, signed, form in to the Dual Credit Office or your high school counselor. 
  5. Pay tution. 
    • To remain in your classes, you must pay your portion of tuition and fees by the college's posted deadline. 
    • Payment can be made through your Secure Online System (S.O.S.) account or in-person at the college's Business Office. Installment plans are available. 
    • Some schools cover these costs for students. Check with your counselor for further information. 
  6. Prepare for class. 
    • Get your SJC ID card from the Admissions Office. 
    • Get your SJC Parking Permit from the Business Office. 
    • Purchase textbooks from the SJC Bookstore or your preferred retailer. 
    • Set up your SJC S.O.S, e-Mail, and Blackboard accounts. 

The table below represents an estimation of tuition and fees for students taking courses for dual credit. 

Tuition is calculated based on where a student lives and how many credit hours they are taking. A parent's residency is used for calculating tuition for students taking courses for dual credit. 

Per Credit Hour In-District Out-of-District Non-Resident Dual Credit Discount (75%) Student Pays (25%)
3 hours @ $78 $234.00     $175.50 $58.50
6 hours @ $78 $468.00     $351.00 $117.00
3 hours @ $135   $405.00   $303.75 $101.25
6 hours @ $135   $810.00   $607.50 $202.50
3 hours @ $210     $630.00 $472.50 $157.50
6 hours @ $210     $1260.00 $945.00 $315.00


The TSIA is used by public colleges and universities in Texas to assess a student's readiness to take college-level courses in the areas of reading, writing, and math. 

Any high school student may satisfy the TSIA requirements with one or more of the exemptions or waivers listed below. Students without qualifying exemptions or waivers must take the TSIA and earn the minimum scores listed before being registered for any course that requires college readiness in reading, writing, or math. Most classes taken for dual credit require college readiness in reading and writing. Math readiness is only needed if the course requires it. 


TSIA Minimum Score Requirements
Reading Writing Math
351 Multiple choice score of at least 340 AND an essay score of at least 4 OR multiple choice score of less than 340 AND an essay score of at least 5 350
TSIA Exemption Scores
Test Combined/Composite Score Exempts TSIA Reading & Writing Exempts TSIA Math
SAT-After March 2016 NA EBRW: 480 Math: 530
SAT-Before March 2016 1070 Critical Reading: 500 Math: 500
ACT 23 English: 19 Math: 19
TSIA High School Waiver Scores
Test Combined/Composite Score Waives TSIA Reading & Writing Waives TSIA Math
PSAT/NMSQT-After October 2015 NA EBRW: 460 Math: 510
PSAT/NMSQT-Before October 2015 107 Reading: 50 Math: 50
PLAN 23 English: 19 Math: 19
ACT-Aspire NA English: 435 Math: 431
STAAR EOC NA English II: 4000 Algebra I: 4000 AND a final grade of 70+ in Algebra II.



Exemptions permanently exempt a student from taking the TSIA. A waiver temporarily waives the TSIA requirement while the student is in high school. 

Students who must complete the TSIA must: 

  • Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity at: www.sanjac.edu/testing-PAA
  • If you are completing the TSIA at a San Jac campus, print the confirmation page and bring it and a photo ID to the Dual Credit Office for a Testing Request Form.

Once you complete the TSIA, go back to the Dual Credit office to receive your scores and get information about next steps. 

Need help studying for the TSIA? The Student Success Center offers FREE TSIA prep sessions. The Student Success Center on Central Campus is located on the first floor of the Lee Davis Library. Contact them at 281-478-2779 for details. Visit the San Jac Testing Center for additional resources. 

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