Learning Online

**Under the current altered operations status, San Jacinto College is offering courses under the following modalities: Online Anytime, Online on a Schedule, Hands-On Hybrid, and Flex Campus.  More information can be found on San Jac My Way page. **

How do SJC students learn online? What does the “classroom” look like? How are courses structured?

Take a tour of SJC's Blackboard learning management system below, where you’ll get a sneak peek of how you access course content, interact with instructors and turn in assignments.

Succeeding in your distance learning program means being organized and knowledgeable of the support resources available to you. SJC students have access to a variety of tools through the college.

Planning & Organization

San Jacinto College provides students access to email through Microsoft Office 365. This is where you will access your official SJC student email account you will be required to use for all courses. Directions to use this resource can be found at http://www.sanjac.edu/email.

Document Creation & Management

Office 365 also provides access for students to Microsoft Office products and online storage. The latest training materails can be found on the San Jacinto College Information Technology Services blog at http://www.sanjac.edu/its.

Time Expectations

Students should be prepared to spend 3 hours a week on coursework for every 1 course credit.

The following table displays the number of course credits for a single 16 week session course, and the corresponding number of hours expected to be spent on coursework:

# of Course Credits

  # of Expected Coursework Hours per Week





So if a student is signed up for 2 or 3 courses during a 16 week session, and each course is worth 3 credits, then they should expect to spend anywhere between 18 to 27 hours a week on coursework.