Need Some Answers?

Need Some Answers?

Distance Learning FAQs

San Jacinto College offers several ways for you to conveniently complete classes from a distance. You can complete courses online, or you can even take courses that are part on campus and part online. Just like our traditional college classes, every distance learning course offers full credit, transferability, and it has tests, assignments and an instructor that can help.

Distance Learning Definitions

Online (OL) courses have content delivered through computers and multimedia using the San Jacinto College’s web-based system, Blackboard, and may include CDs and audio/video streaming or publisher content. No on-campus testing or activities are required; however, off-campus proctored exams may be required.

Online/Classroom (OLC) courses have content delivered through a combination of web-based and classroom activities. These courses use components of computer instruction using the San Jacinto College’s web-based system, Blackboard, in addition to multimedia activities and classroom time. On-campus classroom time is required.

Preparing for a distance learning class requires self-analysis to determine if you have the discipline necessary to structure your own schedule and balance your time around the assignments and requirements of each course. Review these questions to help determine if distance learning classes are right for you

For 100% online classes you should not be required to come to a San Jacinto College campus, though you may have to make arrangements for a proctored exam at some point during the semester. For online/classroom classes there will be some on-campus requirements. Check the syllabus provided by the instructor for additional details.

Distance Learning coursework will be completed in the college’s learning management system, Blackboard. This will require a computer and internet access. You can log onto the Blackboard system at

To enroll in a distance learning class follow the same process you use to enroll in an on-campus class. Registration is completed through the college’s SOS system.

The fees for distance learning classes are as follows: Online - $30 fee per course Online/Classroom - $15 fee per course

Once you have registered you are automatically enrolled in the course in the Blackboard system. All classes are made available to students on the first day of the semester. Some faculty may choose to make their sites available to students earlier. If the semester has started and your class doesn’t appear contact Blackboard Support at 281-542-2084 or for assistance.

In most cases financial aid will cover your distance learning classes. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid office at San Jacinto College to verify.