94 Clear Horizons Early College High School seniors earn associate degrees

05.18.2018 | By Andrea Vasquez

HOUSTON – Clear Horizons Early College High School (CHECHS) saw 94 seniors earn their associate degrees from San Jacinto College three weeks before their high school graduation.

The CHECHS class of 2018 has also received a total of more than $3.8 million in scholarship funds. Students will transfer to prestigious universities that include St. John’s University, Colorado School of Mines, Baylor University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Texas A&M University, University of Texas, University of Houston and Louisiana State University. CHECHS began as a partnership between San Jacinto College and Clear Creek Independent School District in 2007 and has since graduated 731 students.

CHECHS 2018 graduates pictured in alphabetical order by row from left to right: Row 1: Shannon Bickers, Aaron Beaty, Tayyab Baig, Cem Baber, Farzaan Ayoub, Ayah Albustami and Aya Abushmeis. Row 2: Hunter Cowan, Feliciana Cortez, Brian Clarke, Natalie Cha, Luis Cavazos, Alex Campos, Umar Burney and Aydan Bowman. Row 3: Shelby Foster, Iliana Figueroa, Sarah Eter, Ameen El-Rasheedy, Jackson Eades, Kaitlynn Dressendorger, Safania Disolyn and Chami Dharmawardene. Row 4: Naureen Islam, Autumn Infante, Tammie Huynh, Zayna Hussain, Talha Hussain, Olivia Hudson, Naushin Hoque and Ian Gause. Row 5: Madison Kilger, Aisha Khan, Daphne Keller, Jade Keith, Eric Kanjirathingal, Nicholson Justiz, Mariya Johny, Maiah Jackson and Josiah Jackson. Row 6: Kassandra Long, Aline Lira, Anh Le, Gabrielle LaRochelle, Blake Kuhlman, Rayna Kruppa, Kenzie Kruppa, Cody Kowalewski and Cecilia Kinghorn. Row 7: Cameron Munson, Priscilla Morales, Aaliya Momin, Noah Mendoza, Gavin McCrumb, Nicole Martin, Jaya Manoj, Kyle Mamitag and Michael Maloney. Row 8: Kristine Notorio, Hazel Noguera, Chase Nicholson, Vy Nguyen, Jason Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen, Jennifer Neal, Joanna Ndudim, Marah Musallam, and Mahroz Murtaza. Row 9: Priya Sanghvi, Sebastian Salois, Alexis Sabu, Nicholas Roy, Lindsey Rodriguez, Zoey Rachal, Mireya Puente, Jenny Phan and Victor Oreshkin. Row 10: Caroline Upchurch, Vivian Tran, Johanna Tran, Duyan Tran, Amema Siddique, Sharon Siby, Michael Scroggins, Nadia Scharunovych and Alex Saunders. Row 11: Mitra Zurga, Kaitlyn Young, Serina Weathers, Alyssa Waybright, Ryan Vo, Justin Vo and Shielene Vargas.

San Jacinto College administration (pictured left, front to back): Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor; Dr. Brenda Jones, Provost; Dr. Laurel Williamson, Deputy Chancellor and President; Marie Flickinger, Board of Trustees Chair; Dr. Pamela Campbell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success Partnerships; Kevin Morris, Dean of Business and Technology; Kristen Ross, Dual Credit Director; Keith Sinor, Board of Trustees Assistant Secretary; Ann Tate, Dean of Liberal Arts; and Dr. Alexander Okwonna, Dean of Health and Natural Sciences.

Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) faculty, staff and administration (pictured right, front to back): Paula Evard, CHECHS Lead Counselor; Ann Hammond, CCISD Board Trustee; Dr. Greg Smith, CCISD Superintendent; Dr. Laura DuPont CCISD Board President; Dr. Brooke Parker, CHECHS Assistant Principal/Dean of Instruction; Dr. Brett Lemley, CHECHS Principal; Andrea Zehentner, CHECHS Secondary English faculty; Sharlene Kahlich, CHECHS Community Partnership Lead faculty; and Davy McGoldrick CHECHS AP English III faculty.


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