San Jacinto College ranks 2nd out of all U.S. colleges for science technologies and technicians

11.18.2016 | By Jeannie Peng Mansyur

PASADENA, Texas – San Jacinto College is ranked second in the nation when it comes to education for science technologies and technicians, according to Community College Week’s recent 2016 Top 100 rankings, and here’s one reason why. The College’s process technology program offers courses no other college does and is nationally recognized for its successful classroom-to-industry workforce pipeline.

“San Jacinto College’s training of petrochemical industry technicians is well known across the entire Gulf Coast region in student success excellence,” said Joseph Zwiercan, department chair of petrochemical/energy at San Jacinto College. “We’ve proven to our local industry that our graduates have met strict guidelines in order to make them knowledgeable of the petrochemical industry. This was further validated when we received the state’s first Texas Association of College Technical Educators (TACTE) Award of Excellence.”

TACTE recognized the process technology program as an exemplary and innovative career and technology program, which offers two courses unique to San Jacinto College: Soft Skills and Basic Mechanical Skills for Energy. Zwiercan said industry partners have expressed the importance of graduates holding both of these skill sets. Covestro operator Natasha Downing said she entered the industry armed with a wealth of knowledge from her time as a process technology student at San Jacinto College.

“When you have instructors with over 30 years of experience in the industry, that gives you an edge,” said Downing, who holds an associate degree in process technology. “The books can show you text and photos but it’s really helpful to have instructors who can share with you that insight of the industry. I felt well prepared graduating from the program.” 

In addition to process technology, San Jacinto College offers other programs that prepares students for the petrochemical industry. These include instrumentation, electrical, welding and non-destructive testing. Other areas the College that ranked high in the Top 100 list include 15th among all two-year colleges in awarding associate degrees, eighth for Hispanic student graduates, and 13th for granting two-year certificates among all disciplines. Since 2007, the College has increased the number of certificates and degrees awarded by 140 percent.

About San Jacinto College

Surrounded by monuments of history, industries and maritime enterprises of today, and the space age of tomorrow, San Jacinto College has been serving the citizens of East Harris County, Texas, since 1961. As a fiscally sound institution, the College currently holds bond ratings of AA and Aa2 by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively. San Jacinto College is a 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Top 10 finalist and an Achieving the Dream Leader College. Approximately 30,000 students each semester benefit from a support system that maps out a pathway for success. The College offers seven areas of study that prepare a diverse body of students to transfer to a four-year college or university or enter the workforce with the skills needed to support the growing industries along the Texas Gulf Coast. San Jacinto College graduates contribute nearly $690 million each year to the Texas workforce.

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