Shell Deer Park delivers equipment needed to train future workforce

03.03.2014 | By Jeannie Peng-Armao

(left to right) Stephen Rowland, San Jacinto College non-destructive testing program director; Leslie Crnkovic, San Jacinto College non-destructive testing professor; Michael Speegle, San Jacinto College department chair of process, instrumentation, electrical, non-destructive testing, and welding technology; and Steve Martinez, Dale Auterson, and Bryan Olson from the Shell Deer Park’s maintenance department. Photo credit: Jeannie Peng-Armao, San Jacinto College marketing, public relations, and government affairs department.



San Jacinto College and Shell Deer Park are working together to produce job-ready graduates in the fields of process technology and non-destructive testing by providing them with realistic experiences in the classroom.

Shell Deer Park recently donated and delivered a large amount of equipment to the College that included operator training boards showing valves, pipe fittings, hoses, and lab supplies; and materials such as microscopes, light tables, and coatings testers, all used to ensure pressure equipment integrity. Such equipment donations from industry benefits everyone involved, from the students to their future employers, according to Michael Speegle, department chair of process, instrumentation, electrical, non-destructive testing, and welding technology.

"The better training equipment we have, the better a graduate we'll produce for the industry," said Speegle. "This equipment is going to our process technology and non-destructive testing programs. Some of it will be used in an introductory process technology course so that students will learn to recognize the different items because there are tens of thousands of types of equipment that includes attachments, valves, and piping pieces."

Having access to equipment actually used in industry allows students to test and retest their skills before entering the field. Instructors can set up various situation exercises, throw in a couple of curves, and allow students to find the solutions in a controlled environment before entering the workforce. Julie Pascoe, communications and social performance advisor with Shell Deer Park, says San Jacinto College provides an "important feeder of talent to the petrochemical and manufacturing industry in this region.”

“We are proud to support San Jacinto College through material donations like this, which can help facilitate the transition and readiness of a student into the workforce," said Pascoe.
"Shell Deer Park values its partnership with San Jacinto College, especially given the paramount role which the College plays in preparing the future workforce for our industry.”

Last year, Shell Deer Park donated $10,000 in scholarships for San Jacinto College process technology students.

The donated equipment was furnished by two Shell Deer Park departments, led by Barbara Toney, learning supervisor, and Steve Norlin, principal engineer with pressure equipment integrity. It was delivered by Dale Auterson, Steve Martinez, and Bryan Olson, all from the Shell Deer Park’s maintenance department.

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