San Jacinto College Central Recording Studio A Control Room
San Jacinto College Central Recording Studio A - Control Room


Audio Engineering Walkthrough Video

Studio Equipment


Solid State Logic 4000 G+ with Ultimation and Total Recall


Alesis Masterlink ML-9600

High resolution master disk recorder

ATC SCM 45 Pro (X2)

Monitoring system

ATC SCM 0.1/12SL

Sub-bass enclosures

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HDX, 48 I/O

Digital audio workstation (A Studio)

Avid HD I/O  (X3)

Audio interface (A Studio)

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HDX, 16 I/O

Digital audio workstation (B Studio)

Avid HD I/O 

Audio interface (B Studio)

Aviom A-16D Pro

Headphone A-net distributor

Digital Audio Labs Livemix CS-DUO (x5)

Personal headphone mixer

Avalon VT-747sp (X2)

Pre-amp / compressor / equalizer

Bricasti M7 with M10 Remote

Digital multi-effects processor

Dangerous Music Monitor ST

Monitor controller with remote (B Studio)

dbx 165A (X2)

Compressor / Limiter

Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor (X2)

Compressor / Limiter

Genelec 1031 (X2)

Studio monitors (B Studio)


Studio monitors (B Studio)

Lexicon PCM-96

Digital multi-effects processor

Lexicon PCM-81

Digital multi-effects processor

Lexicon PCM-42 (X2)

Digital delay

Lindell PEX-500 (X4)

500 Series passive equalizer

Neumann KH120 (X2)

Near-field monitors

Otari MTR 90 II

2 inch 24 track analog recorder

Steven Slate Raven MTi2 (X2)

Multi-touch production console (B Studio)

Sony JH110

1/2 inch 2 track analog recorder

Summit TPA-200B

Dual channel tube pre-amp

TC Electronics M2000

Digital multi-effects processor

TC Electronics 2290 (X2)

Digital delay / effects processor

Universal Audio 2-1176

Compressor / Limiter

Vintech X73 (X2)

Pre-amp / equalizer



ADK GK47 Microphone – condenser
AKG C12 VR Microphone – condenser
AKG D112 Microphone – dynamic
AKG C414 ULS (X4) Microphone – condenser
AKG C414 XLS (X2) Microphone – condenser
AKG C430 (X2) Microphone – condenser
AKG C460 (X2) Microphone – condenser
AKG C451 (X2) Microphone – condenser
Audiotechnica ATM33R Microphone – condenser
Audiotechnica AE2500 Microphone – condenser/dynamic
Audix i5 Microphone – dynamic
Audix f15 Microphone – condenser
BLUE Baby Bottle Microphone – condenser
Crown PZM (X2) Microphone – condenser
Crown CM-700 (X2) Microphone – condenser
Earthworks TC30mp (X2) Microphone – condenser
Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone – dynamic
Heil PR-30 (X3) Microphone – dynamic
Manley Reference Tube Microphone – condenser
Neumann U87 Microphone – condenser
Neumann KM-84 (X2) Microphone – condenser
Neumann TLM-49 Microphone – condenser
Peluso CEMC-6 (X2) Microphone – condenser
Røde Classic Microphone – condenser
Røde NTK (X2) Microphone – condenser
Røde NT2-A (X2) Microphone – condenser
Røde NT4 Microphone – condenser (stereo)
Royer R-121 (X2) Microphone – dynamic ribbon
Sennheiser MD-421 (X10) Microphone – dynamic
Sennheiser MD-409 (X3) Microphone – dynamic
Sennheiser MKH 416 Microphone – shotgun condenser
Shure Beta 52 (X3) Microphone – dynamic
Shure Beta 87a (X3) Microphone – condenser (Live Sound)
Shure SM 57 (X5) Microphone – dynamic
Shure Beta 57 Microphone – dynamic
Shure SM 58 (X12) Microphone – dynamic
Shure Beta 58 (X4) Microphone – dynamic (Live Sound)
Shure SM-7B Microphone – dynamic
Shure Beta 98 (X3) Microphone – condenser (Live Sound)
Shure Beta 91 Microphone – condenser, boundary
Shure ULXD QUAD system Wireless receiver system (Live Sound)
Shure KSM 8 Microphone - dynamic (Live Sound)
Warm Audio WA-251 Microphone – condenser
Warm Audio WA-84 (X2) Microphone – condenser
Warm Audio WA-47 Microphone – condenser

Live Sound Equipment


Allen & Heath GLD Chrome Digital console
Allen & Heath PA28 Analog console
Avid SC48 Digital console
DiGiCo S21 Digital console
Midas M32 Digital console
Soundcraft Expression 3 Digital console
Soundcraft MFXi 12 Analog console
Soundcraft Spirit 8 Analog console
Studer Vista Digital console
Yamaha QL Digital console