Meet the SGA Presidents

Central Campus SGA President

Name: Montanna Little 

Major: Education

Expected year of graduation from SJC: Fall 2020 


Future Educational plans: I plan to get my bachelor's degree in Education and possibly join the Peace Corps or go into teaching.

Other Organizations: Phi Theta Kapps, Raven Scholars

Why did you want to serve on SGA?: I wanted to serve on SGA because a large part of myself is devoted to civic engagement. Without people to represent, there would be no such thing as government. 


North Campus SGA President

Name: Marcos Perez

Major: Nursing

Expected year of graduation from SJC: Spring  2021


Future Educational plans: Graduate San Jacinto College with a Bachelor's in Nursing and a Master's from UH Main Campus to work as an ER Nurse Practitioner in Houston

Other Organizations: Phi Theta Kappa

Why did you want to serve on SGA?:  For many reasons! I love this college, and I want to give back as much as I've taken. When I first started at San Jacinto College, I was taken aback by how much more approachable it is compared to other universities I had attended. Everyone is friendly, no one is in a rush, and faculty and staff are always available to talk. This environment inspired me to to make an effort to participate in student life. In my first semester, my English professor encouraged me to join the hiking club, where I ended up as a representative for the Great Outdoors Club in SGA. This allowed me to witness our school's SGA in action first hand, and at the end of the semester, I decided to run for office. What I like about SGA is that our sole goal is to better the conditions of the student body and act as a liaison between them and the administration. As someone who cares about our community, I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to find out about issues relevant to our students and our efforts in solving them. SGA has been a great opportunity for me to improve my leadership and organizing skils, and it is a privilege to serve as president. 


South Campus SGA President

Name: Noah Booth

Major: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Expected year of graduation from SJC: spring 2020


Future educational plans: I want to attend law school and become an attorney.

Other Organizations: Phi Theta Kappa 

Why did you want to serve with SGA?: