Meet the SGA Presidents

Valeria-GarciaCentral Campus SGA President

Name: Valeria C. Garcia 

Major: Biology, Life Science

Expected year of graduation from SJC: 2019 


Future Educational plans: I plan to graduate from San Jacinto College, transfer to UHCL to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Fitness & Human Performance to pursue Physical Therapy at UTMB.

Other Organizations: President of Student Government Association & Vice President of Texas Junior College Student Government Association - Region V

Why did you want to serve on SGA?: In high school I served in various leadership clubs and organizations, as a student I wanted to continue to grow in various areas as I transitioned into college.


Elisandra-GarciaNorth Campus SGA President

Name: Elisandra Garcia

Major: Accounting

Expected year of graduation from SJC: Spring  2019


Future Educational plans: Attend the University of Houston – Main Campus to pursue a Bachelor’s in Accounting and continue with completing her Certified Public Accountant license

Other Organizations: PTK

Why did you want to serve on SGA?:  “Thank you to the SEA office I found out about the Student Government Association and liked what they did and their purpose. Being part of SGA gave me the opportunity to discuss issues with the board and the student body about any concerns that they had. SGA also serves as the liaison between the student body and the college administration, so knowing that I could help students or help with a change or improvement in the campus was fascinating. SGA was not only an amazing opportunity and privilege, but it was a help for me to develop and improve my leadership, communication and involvement skills. When I found out that the vice-president position for SGA was open, I decided to give it a try. I served as the vice-president for a year, and it opened a lot of great opportunities that it encouraged me to pursue the presidential candidacy. I am truly grateful for the decision of being part of SGA because I am constantly learning something new. Not only that but I have met wonderful people that became my second family. It has truly been a remarkable experience that has only just begun.”


Amjad-BatainehSouth Campus SGA President

Name: Amjad Bataineh

Major: Life Sciences

Expected year of graduation from SJC: spring 2019


Future educational plans: I want to major in Microbiology for my undergraduate degree, then enroll in Medical School to specialize in Interventional Radiology.

Other Organizations: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (member and VP of scholarships)

Why did you want to serve with SGA?: I hold a lot of respect for the American educational system, and San Jacinto College represents the best of that system. San Jacinto offered me somewhere to belong, it helped shape the person who I am today, and helped shape the image of the person whom I want to be tomorrow. It is my honor to serve the student body of SJC and give back to the community that gave my a lot when I most needed it.