Monte Blue Music Building

Monte Blue Music Building

The Blue Music Building, located on the northeast part of Central Campus, is a diverse and modern facility with many resources for both the music and audio student. The building features a 200-seat concert hall with a Westbrook Johannus Ecclesia organ, 12 teaching studios, 3 rehearsal spaces, piano lab, computer lab, 12 practice rooms, classrooms, and student lounge. The building is also home to 30 pianos: 5 grands and 25 uprights. The grand pianos are a Steinway model D, 3 Steinway model L’s, and a Young Chang. The uprights are a variety of Steinway, Boston, Yamaha, and Young Chang.

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The Central Campus Lee Davis Library contains books on music and music history, music scores, Groves music dictionaries, CD’s, and vinyl recordings for faculty and student use.

San Jacinto College Audio Engineering student in the recording studio

Recording Studios

“A” Recording Studio:  C-16.126

Tucked away in the Ball Technical Building, Studio A is the flagship of the San Jacinto College Audio Engineering program.  Designed by Russ Berger, the studio features a state-of-the-art control room, tracking room and drum room.  At the heart of the control room is a 40-channel Solid State Logic SL4000 G+ console with Total Recall and Ultimation.  The primary recording medium is a Pro Tools Ultimate HDX system with three HD I/O’s, providing 48 dedicated inputs and outputs.  Students working in the studio have at their disposal a well-equipped microphone cabinet, three racks of outboard gear, as well as a studio drum kit and Steinway piano.  Classes taught in Studio A include:  MUSC 2427: Techniques of Audio Engineering II; MUSC 2447: Techniques of Audio Engineering III; MUSC 2101: Audio Engineering Practices.

“B” Recording Studio:  C-15.236b

Primarily used for mixing, Studio B features a Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi CORE Station with 2 RAVEN MTis and a Pro Tools Ultimate HDX system with 16 inputs and outputs.  Conveniently located within the Audio I Classroom, the studio is available to students in upper-level audio engineering and MIDI classes.

Audio I Classroom / Live Sound Lab:  C-16.123

The Audio I (MUSC 1327: Techniques of Audio Engineering I) classroom is located in the Ball Technical Building, across the hall from Studio A.  Live Sound I & II are also taught in this room, which is the only lab of its kind where students are trained to be proficient on 6 digital consoles:  Studer Vista, Avid SC48, Yamaha QL, DiGiCo S21, Allen & Heath GLD Chrome, and Soundcraft Expression 3.  Also housed in this room are a Midas M32, Soundcraft MFXi 12, Allen & Heath PA28,  Soundcraft Spirit 8, and both Tascam and Otari 24-track analog tape machines. 

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Labs and Practice Rooms

Computer Lab: C-5.152

The computer lab, located in the Monte Blue Music Building features 12 workstations, each with an iMac computer and MIDI synthesizer.  The lab serves as a study space for SJCC music students as well. 

Computer Lab Hours 7:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri

MIDI Lab: C-15.236

The MIDI lab, temporarily relocated to the Monte Blue Music Building, features 13 digital audio workstations, each with a 27" iMac, Pro Tools 2018, Reason 10, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, and Oxygen controller keyboard.  All MIDI classes are held in the lab, which doubles as a classroom.

Practice Rooms: C-5.123a-l

The Monte Blue Music Building features a suite of 12 practice rooms located in the southwest corridor of the facility. Ten of the rooms feature pianos, one an organ, and another for percussion. The practice rooms are open the same hours as the music building itself.

Piano Lab: C-5.154

The Piano lab, located in the Music Building, features 15 Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos, Keynote Visualizer, and headsets which allow the instructor to work with each student individually throughout the piano class.

Small Ensemble Room: C-5.122

The Small Ensemble Room in the Monte Blue Music Building is used by several of our small instrumental ensembles for rehearsals such as woodwind ensemble, string quartet, and jazz combo throughout the year. It also features both an organ and harpsichord. The 2002 Harpsichord is a French double in the style of Austrian born Benoist Stehlin (1732-1774), a builder in the golden era of French harpsichord manufacturing.   It contains two 8 foot stops, a four foot stop, a buff stop, and 61 notes, transposing.  The harpsichord was purchased through the Harpsichord Clearing House in Rehoboth, Massachusetts with funds from the San Jacinto College Discretionary Budget of 2009. It was built in 2002 by Paul Kennedy of Danville, Indiana who has been designing harpsichords since 1959.

Jan Corbin Recital Hall

Jan Corbin Recital Hall

Jan Corbin Recital Hall: C-5.151

Corbin Recital Hall is the primary performance venue for the SJCC music department. It is located in the Monte Blue Music Building and seats just over 200. Concerts, recitals, and other events are held here throughout the semester featuring performances by SJCC students and faculty as well as other featured artists. The recital hall is also home to a Westbrook Johannus Ecclesia organ and the department’s Steinway model D concert grand piano.