Dr. Jonelle Walker


Jonelle Walker is a Helen Hayes Award-nominated playwright, theatre-maker, and scholar based in Houston, Texas. During the COVID-19 Pandemic she pivoted to primarily creating immersive experiences. Her work tends to explore complex human emotions with a scholar’s eye for detail and a wickedly dark sense of humor.

A proud artist-scholar, Jonelle received her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Maryland, researching representations of white femininity on stage, film, and digital media from the late 19th century to the present. She was also the host and co-producer of RomCom Killjoys, a podcast applying feminist theories to romantic comedy on film.

In addition to her freelance artistic work, she is an Associate Producer & Company Member with Rorschach Theatre and a founder of Blind Pug Arts Collective. She has also served as a member of the Not in Our House DC Core Committee.