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Prepare For a Future You Can Count On

Accounting has become one of the most prominent necessities in business. Changing regulations, compliance initiatives and increasing corporate complexity have brought accounting professionals to the forefront of business and government. Our associate degree and technical certificate programs will prepare you to work in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and banking in any number of companies and organizations.

The Associate of Arts degree option can be used to kick-start your interest in pursuing accounting at a four-year university, while an Associate of Applied Science or Certificate in Accounting will prepare you to enter directly into the workforce.

Open the Door to Countless Opportunities

If your dream is to be self-employed, an accounting degree can make it happen. Our graduates have continued to pursue accounting degrees at four-year universities and have gone on to start successful bookkeeping and income tax businesses. Students who earn a bachelor’s degree can sit for the CPA exam and become Certified Public Accounts.

Career Opportunities

Depending on the degree level pursued, a pathway in accounting will lead to careers such as:

  • Accountants and auditors $77,711*
  • Bill and account collectors $37,929*
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks $40,746*
  • New accounts clerk $33,208*

*Source:, 2017 annual median salaries for the Houston region



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