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Chemicals are the building blocks of our existence. Every object in the world, living and inanimate, consists of a set of chemical compounds, which is why chemistry is at the root of so many industries and professions. San Jacinto College can help you get started down a road full of opportunities with our associate’s degree program. An Associate of Science Degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year or upper-level college or university.


CHEM 1305/1105 Update for those taking PTAC/NDT/INST classes!

If you are in PTAC/INST/NDT programs, you are needing to take the CHEM 1305/1105 offered in the new CPET building, C-45.  We have partnered with the department to offer those students a particular lab setting that will help you in your budding career.  We have set up the classes to require an override so that only you can take the class.  Email Loli Priddy,, or call 281-476-1848, for more information regarding these classes.  For those who are in a Non Science Major program or a possible Nursing Applicant, we have classes in C-19 for you, no override required.

PTAC CHEMNon Science CHEM 1305

Career Opportunities

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree pathway in chemistry will be prepared for careers as:

  • Chemists $76,282*
  • Chemical engineers $125,362*
  • Environmental scientists $89,997*

*Source:, 2016 annual median salaries for Gulf Coast region


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