Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Help Doctors Diagnose Medical Conditions

While enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, you will be trained to use high frequency sound waves to produce images used for assessment and diagnosis of various medical conditions. Our program concentrates on imaging the organs of the abdomen and pelvis as well as superficial structures and obstetrics. Students are provided hands-on training through laboratory practice and a variety of clinical rotations. Our students are eligible to take the national registry examination upon graduation.

Get a Job in a Fast-Growing Field

Employment of sonographers is expected to grow by 44 percent by 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Sonographic technology is expected to evolve rapidly and to spawn many new sonography procedures such as 3D- and 4D-sonography for use in obstetric and ophthalmologic diagnosis. The median salary for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is $74,044 per year.*

*Source: Texas Workforce Commission, 2017


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