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At the dawn of the industrial age, machines were mechanical wonders. Today they have evolved to become digital marvels, intricately connected and operated by sophisticated control systems. Instrument technicians have become indispensable to keeping the wheels of industry turning. Working in one of the most comprehensive industrial computer control labs in the country, you will learn how to install, maintain and troubleshoot intelligent integrated control systems, developing skills highly sought after in the workplace. Upon graduation, you will have an astounding array of employment possibilities before you, including employment at chemical plants, refineries, pipeline companies, power plants, water treatment facilities, all types of manufacturing plants and many more.


Become an Analyzer Technician

Analyzer technicians are highly skilled technologists that install, calibrate and maintain some of the most sophisticated instrumentation in the world. Analyzers are used in all types of refining, petrochemical and manufacturing industries, and are valuable for the control of processes and environmental compliance. Most analyzer technicians start out as instrumentation technicians who, because of their aptitude and attitude, have moved to a higher level of technology.

There is a shortage of analyzer technicians in the Gulf Coast area, and the shortage will only increase as many analyzer technicians retire in the next five to ten years. Analyzer technicians have a starting salary of about $50,000, and with experience, have the potential to earn much more. The enhanced skills certificate in instrumentation technology is designed for students who have completed the instrumentation technology associate of applied science degree. After successfully completing the program, they will have an Analytical Instrumentation Enhanced Skills Certificate.




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Contact Info: 
Joseph Zwiercan, Chair - Central Campus
281-998-6150 x 1352

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