Program Information

Looking for a profession that’s literally hands-on? Are you passionate about helping people overcome injury, relieve stress, and generally live healthier lives? If so, San Jacinto College can prepare you for a career as a massage therapist in as few as two semesters. You will be introduced to a variety of massage modalities and discover what type of professional practice is right for you!

The San Jacinto College Massage Therapy program:

  • Is a state-approved program that provides foundational training in the art and science of therapeutic massage. The 24-credit (640 contact-hour) program meets and exceeds the minimum educational requirements necessary for licensure in the state of Texas;
  • Offers full-time students the possibility of completing the program in two (2) semesters, so graduates can be licensed and working in less than one year; and
  • Places emphasis on a variety of massage therapy techniques, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, healthy lifestyles, hygiene and sanitation, successful business practices, professional ethics, hydrotherapy, and spa modalities. Students also complete a hands-on clinical internship prior to graduating as required by the state of Texas.

Career Opportunities

Licensed massage therapists seek employment in:

  • Massage therapy establishments,
  • Wellness centers,
  • Spas,
  • Cruise lines,
  • Medical settings, and
  • Private practices.

A large majority of licensed massage therapists are self-employed.

For more information, students may contact Department Chair Mary Lindsay, 281-998-6150, x3587.


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