Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

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Become a Mental Health Technician

The mental health services program is specifically designed to train mental health technicians (psychiatric aides/psychiatric technicians). The mental health technician training prepares students to care for mentally impaired or emotionally disturbed individuals following physician instructions and hospital procedures. Psychiatric aides and technicians observe and record patient behavior and present their findings to counselors, nurses and other professional staff. They intervene in crisis situations, actively moderate client behavior, and assist with feeding, moving, dressing patients, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living.

Help Those with Substance Abuse Problems

Chemical dependency is a problem that takes an enormous emotional and financial toll on society. This is an unfortunate issue, but the silver lining is that there are exceptional individuals, like you, who are determined to reverse it. San Jacinto College can give you the training you need to become a vital part of the solution. We will prepare you to provide counseling and other specialized services to individuals and families suffering from the devastating effects of substance abuse. Hospitals, rehab centers, outpatient clinics, veterans affairs clinics, alternative schools, research facilities, pain management clinics and counseling centers are just some of the many organizations in need of strong, well-educated professionals. You can make a difference in your life by making a difference in the lives of others.

Mental Health Program Application 2018-2019

Mental Health Program Information Packet 2017-2018


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