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Become a Highly Valued Professional

According to the American Bar Association, there are more than 1.1 million attorneys currently practicing law in the United States and about 40,000 new graduates emerging from the nation’s law schools every year. Whether they work in small practices, large firms, corporations, government or other entities, virtually every lawyer relies on the help of paralegals. At San Jacinto College, you can become one of these highly valued professionals.


Land a High-Paying Job

As part of our associate’s degree program, our faculty of experienced attorneys and paralegals will help you master critical skills such as document preparation, client and witness interviewing, investigation, legal research, writing, and assisting attorneys at trial. Over 90% of our graduates successfully enter the legal profession or go on to earn four-year degrees. The median salary for a paralegal is $$57,356 per year.*

*Source:, Gulf Coast region, 2017.




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