Process Technology

Process Technology

Process Technology

Process Technology

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Get a Head Start on Becoming a Plant Operator

Technical minds are in high demand, particularly here in the energy belt. Houston is home to the largest petrochemical and refining complexes in the nation. These plants successfully operate by relying on intricate processes, which are monitored and controlled by thousands of technical experts. We can help you join their ranks.

Join an In-Demand Industry

At San Jacinto College, you will learn the many technical responsibilities of a plant operator – equipment operation, safety procedures, reading piping and instrumentation diagrams, troubleshooting and more. Our graduates enter the workforce with the equivalent of three years of on-the-job experience – an accomplishment highly prized by the companies that continually hire students straight out of our program. Process technology goes beyond petrochemicals as well. You can market your skills to water treatment plants, canneries, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, terminals, pipelines, fuel storage depots and many other industries.






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