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FAA Part 107 knowledge test prep course  

Course provides overview of Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 (Commercial Drone Pilot) Test.*

This two-day course offered at the Edge Center will prepare students for the FAA Part 107 test. The course covers material such as laws, safety, weather, aerodynamic principles, and airspace. Students will be required to read material prior to class. Instructor will present overview of the material. 

To legally operate a drone for any business purpose, FAA regulations require remote pilot certification. The Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep course prepares students for the knowledge test required for FAA Certification.

Industry Applications

Construction | Agriculture | Insurance | Real Estate | Public Safety | Inspections | Law Enforcement | Ecommerce | Environmental Conservation | Mapping | Oil & Gas



DRONE FLIGHT CLASS - Learn about the basic principles of flight, basic laws, associated with unmanned flight and the factors that affect flight.

DRONE BUILD CLASS - Learn about basic principles of flight, basic electronics, basic assembly procedures, and actually build your own sUAS.

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