Upcoming STEM Events

Upcoming Events for FALL 2017

San Jacinto College Space Day Event, South Campus October 19, 2017

SPACECOM  (George R Brown, December 5-7, 2017)

SpaceCom is a catalyst to developing a sustainable commercial market ecosystem in LEO and sub-orbital environments, which expands beyond reliance on NASA as a primary customer and launch provider. While historically, the commercial space market was substantially enabled by government sponsors, SpaceCom helps terrestrial businesses charter new markets that are both business-to-government AND business-to-business.

CAST Conference (George R. Brown, November 2017) (Teachers)

SEEC Conference (February 2018) (Teachers)

Experience three days of complete immersion into the out-of-this world adventure of space exploration! This conference is for grades kindergarten to 12th – and not just for science teachers! Space Center Houston strives to use space to teach across the curriculum. The activities presented can be used for science, language arts, mathematics, history, and more.

Mindtrekkers STEM Event (March 2018)

MATE Robotics Competition (April 2018)