Adult Education & Literacy

Through our Adult Education Grants we are able to offer a variety of free classes and educational services.  We are currently able to offer Adult Education Classes through different grant funds.

We have an Adult Education and Literacy Grant through the Houston Galveston Area Council and the Texas Workforce Commission.  Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Classes are basic education services offered to assist students in developing College and Career Readiness Skills.

The following is a list of the courses we offer:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) for students with pre-high school academic skills.
  • Adult Secondary Education (ASE) for students with high school level academic skills. This class includes but is not limited to preparation for high school equivalency test.
  • Contextualized education courses designed to prepare students for completing workforce certifications.
  • Integrated Education and Training courses (IET) designed to support students by improving language and academic skills while completing workforce certification courses.
  • Maximum class limit is 25 students in each section.

Pre-requirements and information: 

  • Registration and Pre-testing are required before any instruction begins. 
  • A valid, current, government-issued photo ID is required for all participants at registration. 
  • Waiting lists will be maintained for students if maximum occupancy is reached in any given program.
  • Registration is in person and on a first-come first-served basis
  • *Students 19 and over are eligible for the program.  Students over the age of 16 may be considered for entry into the program if they meet certain criteria. 
  • Day and evening classes are offered in a variety of locations in the vicinity of each of our 3 College Campuses.


Upcoming Registration and Class Schedule


For grant information, contact:


Phone: 281-542-2051