The demand for non-destructive testing services (NDT) is growing rapidly throughout the manufacturing, aviation, and petrochemical industries and inspection companies must be positioned to respond with credentialed technicians.

The rapid growth and acceptance of NDT is due to many factors, especially:

  •     Increased Complexity of Modern Machinery
  •     Increased Demand on Machines
  •     Engineering Demands for Sounder Materials
  •     Public Demands for Greater Safety
  •     Rising Costs of Failure

The result has been an increase in demand for highly skilled technicians that are also certified to meet or exceed nationally recognized standards for professional practice put forth by The American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT).

San Jacinto College's NDT Technician courses provide the necessary classroom training to prepare for ASNT certification in NDT Surface Methods – Level 1 and Level 2, NDT Ultrasonic Testing – Level 1 and Level 2, and NDT Radiographic Interpretation.

NDT Fall 2017 Classes:

NDTE FALL 2017 Classes for CPD

For help registering or more Information: please contact Kimberly Adams, Sr. Administrative Assistant at San Jacinto College. 

Phone: 281-478-3698 or Email: Kimberly.Adams@sjcd.edu