Advanced Fire Fighting

Advanced Fire Fighting


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Course Length: 32 hours
Cost: $850
Prerequisite: Previously passed Basic Fire Fighting

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Clothing: Long pants, closed toed shoes with socks, short sleeve shirt (no tank tops)

Students do not have to shave. 


Advance Fire Fighting is a 4-day STCW 2010 required course that examines fire-fighting techniques and control of fire-fighting operations.  Students will demonstrate their ability to take command, organize and train fire teams and control fire-fighting operations.  The student will also gain knowledge of fire prevention and the ability to inspect and service fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment.  

A Student who Successfully completes this course satisfies the Advanced Firefighting SANJCC – 15 course will satisfy the Advanced Fire Fighting training requirements of STCW Code Section A-VI/3 and 46 CFR 11.201(h), and 11.303(a) - AND- . The following practical assessments performed during this course are considered to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines TASK’s, as documented in NVIC 09-14 Guidelines for Qualifications for STCW Endorsements for Advanced Firefighting: 1.1.A; 1.1.B; 1.2.A; 1.3.A; 1.4.A; 1.5.A; 1.6.A; 1.7.A; 2.1.A; 2.1.B; 3.1.A; 3.1.B; 3.2.A; 4.1.A; 4.1.B; AND 4.1.C.