Apprentice Mate

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Course Length:  120 hours
Cost: $1,850
Prerequisite: 540 Days Seatime

Apprentice Mate (Steersman) is a 15-day USCG approved course that provides students with the knowledge and understanding of: watchkeeping, piloting and general navigation, meteorology and oceanography, marlinspike seamanship, vessel maneuvering and handling, ship construction and stability, ice navigation and operation, vessel power plant operation, cargo stowage and handling, fire prevention, shipboard management and training, marine radio communication.

Students who successfully complete the Apprentice Mate (Steersman) course that presents their Certificate of Training within one year of the completion of training, will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.466(a) for original issuance, or 46 CFR 10.227(e)(1)(iii) for renewal and 46 CFR 10.227(g)(1) for reissuance of a license as Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels (Near Coastal or Inland).