Automatic Radar Plotter Aid (ARPA)

Automatic Radar Plotter Aid (ARPA)


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Course Length: 35 hours
Cost: $800
Prerequisite: Previously passed USCG approved RADAR class

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) is a 5-day course which provides training in the basic theory and use of automatic radar plotting aids for those who will be in charge of a navigational watch in vessels equipped with ARPA, and it covers the minimum training requirements recommended in Annex 2 of IMO Assembly resolution A.482 (XII), 46 CFR Part 10. The course combines lecture with extensive hands-on practice TRANSAS simulator.

Students who successfully complete ARPA will satisfy ARPA training requirements of the following:

46 CFR 11.305(a)(3)(vi); 46 CFR 11.307(a)(3)(vi); 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4)(xiv); 46 CFR 11.311(a)(3)(viii); 46 CFR 11.313(a)(3)(viii); 46 CFR 11.315(a)(3)(v); 46 CFR 11.317(a)(3)(vii); 46 CFR 11.319(a)(4)(viii); and 46 CFR 11.321(a)(3)(vii). The following practical assessments performed during this course have been determined to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines Tasks, as documented in NVIC 12-14 Guidelines On Qualifications For STCW Endorsements of Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch on Vessels of 500 GT or More: 3.5.A, 3.6.A, 3.6.B, 3.6.C, 3.6.D, 3.6.E, 3.6.F, 3.6.G, 3.6.H, 3.6.I, 3.6.J, 3.6.K, 3.6.L, 3.6.M