Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (Tankerman PIC Barge)

Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids


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Course Length: 40 hours
Cost: $1,000
Prerequisite: None

Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids is a 5-day USCG approved course that provides the student with the knowledge required for the safe loading, discharge and carriage of dangerous liquid (DL) cargos in bulk. Topics include DL regulations, pollution prevention, spill response, cargo loading, discharge planning and management, the Declaration of Inspection, vapor control systems, the use of personal protective equipment during operations, and record keeping.

Any student successfully completing the Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids course will satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 13.301(c)(4) for an endorsement as Tankerman-PIC (Barge) DL; AND satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 13.120(a)(2) for renewal of a merchant mariner credential endorsed as Tankerman PIC (Barge) Dangerous Liquids.