Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Health & Safety Are Important To Us

We know health and safety are of utmost concern and we are taking many precautions to maintain a healthy learning environment. Here are the ways San Jac is working to keep the College safe for our students, employees, and the community:

If positive cases do happen, the College's Positive Case Protocol will immediately address the affected areas and students and employees to help stop the spread:

San Jac’s Positive Case Protocol:

  • A student/employee tests positive for COVID-19 or is awaiting test results
  • The student/employee informs their instructor (for students) or leader and HR Benefits (for employees)
  • The student/employee fills out the Daily Pre-Screening Questionnaire to trigger the Positive Case Protocol
  • The student/employee remains at home
  • The student/employee is contacted for more information
  • Areas where student/employee visited are disinfected
  • Case tracing is conducted
  • Email notifications are sent to any students or employees who may have come into close contact with the positive student/employee
  • The student/employee recovers at home & must provide a physician’s note, meet the CDC recommended quarantine period, or proof of negative test results before being cleared to return to a College facility
  • The unique nature of each individual case may require modifications to the above process as determined by SHERM or HR Benefits

Status Level Descriptions

COVID-19 Status Level Descriptions: Level 1: Actively monitoring reported cases in Harris County. More frequently clean common areas including door hardware, seats, etc. Communicate to students and staff the precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Communicate to students and staff to stay home if sick. Review business continuity and pandemic plans. Begin weekly (if not more frequent) leadership briefings for communication updates. Level 2: Community spread cases in Harris County. Continue Level 1 process. Continue to monitor situation and communicate with Public Health and Emergency Management. Ramp up cleaning efforts to expand to cleaning less frequently used areas in addition to common areas. Potentially deploy handwashing/sanitizing stations. Potentially limit travel. Potentially limit or postpone large gatherings. Communicate to students and staff to stay home if sick. Develop contingency plans and review business. Level 3: Sustained community spread in Harris County. Potentially move all face-to-face classes to alternate delivery method. Potentially cancel all events and building rentals. Potentially cancel all travel. Potentially close campuses or the entire College District in consultation with Public Health and Emergency Management departments. In the event of campus closures, communicate to employees which staff members are to report to duty to maintain services. Sanitize all affected areas using the most up-to-date guidance….Response level, procedures, and specific actions may be modified or implemented outside of their respective levels based upon guidance from Public Health, Emergency Management Departments or updated CDC or HHS guidance.