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Engineer Your Path to Success

Everything is engineered. Every building, bridge, highway, pipeline, vehicle, toy, computer, athletic shoe – every manmade object is taken from idea to reality by engineers. San Jacinto College offers an Associate of Science in Engineering that is fully transferrable to Texas public universities and includes courses in physics, chemistry, math and engineering. 

With this foundation, you’ll shape the future of space travel, or develop our next great energy source. You may secure the world’s supply of fresh water, or build the next Olympic stadium. An engineering degree gives you unlimited options to pursue ambitious goals and succeed. 

An Associate of Science in Engineering Science (A.S.E.) from San Jacinto College:

  • promotes maximum transferability for students and offers courses based on a particular field of engineering and the institution to which they will transfer;
  • helps students develop skills for the management of natural resources, environmental restoration, and the design, installation, and improvement of integrated systems of business and manufacturing in a variety of fields;
  • and prepares students for careers in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer and electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, and more.

Type: Academic

Location: North, South, and Central Campuses
Degree/Certificate: Associate of Science in Engineering Science (A.S.E.S.)
Duration: Four terms
Program: 2ENGINEER

Additional Information

San Jacinto College participates in the Voluntary Mechanical Engineering Transfer Compact. The Transfer Compact represents 77 percent of the Texas public universities offering mechanical engineering and 75 percent of the Texas public community or technical colleges offering lower-division engineering courses. The compact guarantees transfer credit for community college students accepted into university mechanical engineering programs.

In order to transfer to a four-year institution students must meet any and all entrance requirements of the receiving institution, including grade point averages and/or testing requirements. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are prepared to become engineering professionals working in a wide range of fields such as designing water systems, highways, manufacturing systems, piping systems for chemical plants, bridges, computers and even toy making. 

Earning Potential

  • Chemical engineer - $112,724
  • Environmental engineer - $86,570
  • Mechanical engineer - $97,921
  • Civil engineer - $48,839

Source:, gulf coast region, 2016


Contact Information

Central Campus
281-998-6150 x 1804
Tim Bell, Chair - North Campus
281-998-6150 x 7392
Christopher Wild, Chair - South Campus

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