Instructional Values

Rigor: We expect the best in terms of effort, actions, and results.

“Our instruction demands academically, intellectually, and personally challenging learning experiences that promote student growth.”

Engaged Learning: We involve students in active learning processes.

“Our instruction encourages collaboration, exploration, discovery, and creativity.”

Critical Thinking: We strive to instill strong habits of mind.

“Our instruction promotes rational, skeptical, and unbiased analysis to develop the problem-solving and decision-making skills necessary for success.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity: We acknowledge all voices.

“Our instruction respects the diversity of our students, faculty, and community, inviting all to contribute and learn.”

Communication: We build relationships through civility and open dialogue.

“Our instruction fosters clear, timely exchanges of ideas and information by everyone in the learning process.”

Relevance: We pursue real-world knowledge.

“Our instruction cultivates life-long learning while staying current in employment skills and technological advances.”

Ethical Behavior: We uphold moral academic principles.

“Our instruction inspires students and faculty to conduct themselves with honor and integrity.”