Emergency Notifications

At San Jacinto College, we use the AlertMe constellation of systems to notify end users (faculty, staff, and students) of emergencies and instructions for actions to take during emergencies. These modalities include voice, text, e-mail, in-app push notifications, digital signage and desktop screen takeover, overhead speakers, and VoIP phone notifications. We use this broad spectrum of modalities to ensure there is sufficient overlap in the end-points to reach a vast majority of our College community. 

We ask you to encourage your colleagues and students to sign up for AlertMe to stay informed. We also ask that you allow these modalities to be available to you and your students when teaching. While we understand the need for faculty to minimize class disruptions, we also need to ensure that timely notifications can reach you and your students. Here are some ways you can accomplish that while still minimizing classroom disruptions:

  • Leave the podium desktop computer on and sign in (this will allow the desktop screen takeover to alert you).
  • Leave your laptop on and sign in.
  • Leave your phone on and keep the AlertMe notifications enabled.
  • Designate an alert recipient in your class who is allowed to keep their phone on and can alert the rest of the class if there is an emergency.

We hope one of these strategies works for you and appreciate your help in keeping our college safe and secure.