FAQS: COVID-19 Testing & Classroom Management

COVID-19 Testing Questions
  • STEP 1. All students MUST disclose instances of COVID-19 infection as required by Procedure III.3008.B.a. Direct the student to complete the Reporting Form. A member of the Safety, Health, Environment & Risk management (SHERM) Office will contact the student regarding next steps.
  • STEP 2. OPTIONAL - If you have any questions or concerns for yourself in this instance, you can contact HR Benefits by completing the Reporting Form. A member of the HR Benefits team will contact you.
  • STEP 3. You cannot announce to a class the health status of any student.
  • STEP 4. Allow the contact tracing of the SHERM office to manage next steps for students.
  • STEP 5. Work with any student who is sent home or stays home due to COVID-19 to ensure that they do not fall behind in class and are not penalized.

Yes, you have that option. Email safety@sjcd.edu. The student will still need to fill out the reporting form listed in #1.

All employees MUST disclose instances of COVID-19 infection as required by Procedure III.3008.B.a Complete the Reporting Form. A member of HR benefits will contact you regarding next steps.

Complete the Reporting Form as required by Procedure III.3008.B.b A member of HR benefits will contact you regarding next steps.

No. You must contact your leader/Department Chair for next steps.

Classroom Management Questions


The official response of San Jacinto College is as follows:
“I am not aware of the official health information of a particular person; and due to privacy laws, I am not at liberty to discuss anyone’s health information. If you need additional information regarding your ability to attend class or be on campus, you may contact our Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (SHERM) Office at safety@sjcd.edu


If you are teaching a face-to-face class, you cannot decide on your own to change it to online anytime or online on a schedule for the semester.  We want to ensure that we honor the instructional modality in which the student enrolled at the start of the semester.  There may be circumstances when an online assignment can be made in lieu of a face-to-face class (short-term absence), and there may be emergency events, such as weather, when online assignments are needed to achieve continuity of instruction.  Please discuss with your Department Chair should you have any questions. 

Concerning face-to- face courses, if a Faculty member misses any time due to a COVID-19 related quarantine, they should have an online assignment available for the first day of absence should a substitute not be available. Suppose a Faculty member needs to miss more than one consecutive day of a face-to-face course. In that case, a substitute will be assigned to cover the face-to-face component of the course until the Faculty member can return to face-to-face instruction. The Faculty member who is out must use leave time for the instruction missed starting on the first day that they were out. Concerning online on a schedule or online anytime courses, faculty may continue to teach these courses without interruption if they are able.

Yes. Faculty may teach online courses from their office or remotely.

Conference hours for online anytime courses may also be performed from your office or remotely. Conference hours for face-to-face courses are to be performed on campus.

No; however, face coverings are strongly encouraged.

No; however, face coverings are strongly encouraged. For conference hours, faculty may reserve a larger space (e.g., a conference room) that permits distancing for their in-person meetings or choose to hold these meetings outdoors. However, faculty may not treat masked and unmasked colleagues and students differently. For example, during in-person conference hours all students must be able to attend with or without masks. It is not permissible to only offer in-person meetings to those who mask and to require others to meet via Zoom/Collaborate.

No. Vaccinations are strongly encouraged. Harris County Public Health has vaccination clinics held in the Campus Welcome Centers from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The vaccinations are of no charge. The schedule is below:
Central Campus - Tuesday
North Campus – Wednesday
South Campus – Thursday

No. Vaccinations are strongly encouraged. Third-party sites such as clinical rotations, internship sites, or apprenticeship sites may act according to their policy. This should be between the site and the student with facilitation from the appropriate clinical coordinator/program representative. If a student volunteers that they are not vaccinated and do not intend on getting a vaccination, an effort should be made to place this student at a site that does not require vaccination. It is possible that this may delay the student’s ability to complete the rotation on time and may affect the student’s graduation date.


For Covid-19 safety, food should not be served in class.

Contact your leader/Department Chair.

Yes. Sanitizer and paper towels are located in each classroom that is scheduled for instruction. Instructors and students are strongly encouraged to wipe down their own areas. In addition, hand sanitizer should be stationed throughout the buildings. Please work through your leader for cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), including face shields. Your leader will work with the appropriate Point of Contact (POC) and/or Dean of Administration to provide the required resources.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are being updated on the COVID-19 webpage. Please monitor for any additions and updates.