SJConnections - Onboarding New Employees

San Jacinto College District’s onboarding initiative is designed to promote our vision, mission, values and culture, in an effort to develop a more informed, engaged and motivated workforce, resulting in increased employee retention. SJConnections is a one day event that places new employees in a welcoming, social environment with other new hires from across the college.

The focus of SJConnections is to begin building the bond between SJCD and our new employees.  Employees will not only learn about the mission, vision, values and strategic priorities of the college, but will also learn more about key departments of the college, our history and path forward, and hear from our senior leaders.

SJConnections is held at the District Boardroom (A1.104) on the last Thursday of each month. Please click here to view a list of current dates and times.

For assistance during the onboarding process contact