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At San Jac, we use the word partner a lot. But it’s not a word we use casually. Students strive hard to succeed, but some students still need help. They need to know they won’t have to sacrifice their dream of an education and a better future due to a financial constraint.

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That’s where the Promise scholarship comes in. Partnering with donors, we cover students’ remaining financial need after grants, other scholarships, and federal and state aid – down to the last dollar.

Thanks to philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett’s gift of $30 million, we launched the 21Forward program and are expanding Promise @ San Jac. But we aren’t finished yet.

More than 50% of San Jac students come from historically underserved areas, and more than 80% are in a low socioeconomic status and would benefit from the Promise scholarship. This makes our mission even more critical.

To support the Promise scholarship permanently, we must raise an additional $10 million for our Student Success Fund Endowment. Earnings from this endowment will support all incoming high school graduates in our taxing district who want to attend San Jac.

Will you become an annual giving Promise Partner to help us make debt-free college available to all in-district high school seniors? Be the hero of a student’s story today. Become a Promise Partner!

Christian Reyes, Dobie High School graduate

Christian Reyes, Dobie High School graduate

“Do it! This is free money to pay for your college for up to three years. You can save your money to buy something else or pay for a bachelor’s degree.”


Keyla Guerrero, Dobie High School graduate

Keyla Guerrero, Dobie High School graduate

“It’s a really good program. I recommend it, especially with the amount of resources they offer and how often they reach out to you.”


Bianca Compean, South Houston High School grad

Bianca Compean, South Houston High School graduate

“The coaches are there to reassure you that you are on the path for your degree plan and answer any questions you have during your college journey…. An opportunity like this comes around once in a lifetime.”

What is a Promise Partner?

A Promise Partner is someone who commits to giving at least $120 per year ($10 per month) for a minimum of five years. As a Promise Partner, you create a stronger community and economy by helping our future leaders get a college education. The last-dollar Promise scholarship covers up to three years of tuition and books so students can finish their certificate or associate degree without debt.

You support our Promise scholars by…

  • Making an annual contribution to be applied towards an endowment for these scholarships. Your contribution can be monthly, quarterly, or annually - whatever works best for you. 
  • Participating in fundraising/community outreach efforts
  • Growing the program by spreading the word

Our Promise Partners ensure the Promise scholarship is available to all in-district high school seniors now and in years to come.


Promise Partners mug

I’m ready to become a Promise Partner!

If you are ready to make this commitment now, complete the form below.

Those who commit to being a Promise Partner (with the minimum donation) will receive this beautiful Promise Partners ceramic mug. Use it with pride knowing that you made a difference in the lives of students. **


Promise Partners Donation Form

** Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the estimated value of the benefits received is not substantial; therefore the full amount of your payment is a deductible contribution. **