Instructional Copyright FAQs

Instructional Copyright FAQs

You may NOT post an article on Blackboard that was an article obtained through the library’s database. The students must link through the college’s library database by being given the permalink. Students following the permalink must put in their San Jacinto College log-in credentials for access.

Linking to YouTube videos within your Blackboard site is fine as long as you:

  • Link out to them (as opposed to downloading the video and then uploading them into your course site) and

  • Abide by the content owners terms of use. Linking to the original source of the video, whenever possible, is best.

As long the textbook you are using has been adopted and the students enrolled are required to purchase the book, you can usually upload any publisher material electronically onto your Blackboard site. However, some publishers set certain restrictions. You must verify that the publisher allows this type of distribution by referring to the stated permissions. If you need assistance identifying and reviewing these permissions, contact an Instructional Designer on your campus.

Textbook adoptions by San Jacinto College do not extend permission for faculty members to upload publisher content to their personnel websites or social media accounts. This action would be a violation of copyright. Any content uploaded should be in the San Jacinto College Blackboard system or the approved publisher site associated with the textbook adoption.

No. Once a new textbook has been adopted (even if it is a newer edition of the same textbook), you cannot use any materials from a former adoption.

No, but if it is freely downloadable material, provide a link for students to go to the site and download it themselves if they choose.

We recommend that you request specific written permission from the content owner. When seeking permission, verify with the person that they, in fact, are the original creator of the document. For example, if a professor from another institution has posted a pdf on their university website that you want to link to, they might be using something created by another author or publisher.