About Instructional Innovation and Support

Instructional Innovation & Support


Instructional Innovation and Support works to advance instructional innovation to create transformative learning experiences for our students.

Instructional Innovation and Support provides services in the following areas: Blackboard support, distance learning, instructional design, course development, media production, instructional copyright, OpenBooks, and general educational technology.

Instructional Innovation and Support can...

  • offer consultations to improve the teaching and learning experience with active, collaborative, and authentic interactions.
  • collaborate with faculty to design, develop, and deliver a wide range of multimedia resources which enhance learner engagement.
  • provide training and advanced support for College instructional technology systems in an effort to enhance performance and collaboration
  • integrate contemporary learning theories and proven instructional strategies for all learning environments: face-to-face, hybrid and online.
  • continuously explore and evaluate emerging and innovative technologies and trends that impact the college environment.