Getting Started

My San Jac is a customizable portal that connects you with everyone and everything at San Jacinto College.  Access what’s important in your college journey such as application status, financial aid checklist, registration, account balance, academic plan, course schedule, announcements, alerts, email, Office 365, Blackboard, and more!

Currently enrolled San Jac students can use My San Jac, along with anyone who's recent application was accepted and received a San Jac student email account.

To open My San Jac, go to and bookmark it, or download the My San Jac mobile app from the app stores.  Use the Log in link at the top right to sign in with your San Jac email account and password.

Make sure you are using your current San Jacinto College email account -- (LastName.FirstInitial)(LastSixG#) -- and your correct password.  If you can't remember your password, go to the College Reset Password page.

Click your Profile avatar in the top right to edit your profile Image and About Me details.  From the profile menu, you can also update your Account Settings.  Next, explore the main Dashboard widgets and the menu features.

Navigation Elements

The Dashboard is the main interface displaying Widgets or blocks of information. You’ll see Admissions Checklist, Financial Aid Checklist, Balances, Courses, Course Schedule, Academic Profile, San Jac Calendar, Instagram and Twitter widgets. You can move widgets into your preferred order on the Dashboard.  If you are on another page in My San Jac, click Dashboard from the menu.

The Search bar defaults to retrieve matching items from both the application and the external San Jacinto College website!  To narrow your search, click in the Search bar.  Select one of the listed types – Tools, Pages, FAQs, Files, Groups, Events, People, and External.  Then enter your key word/phrase.

Notifications/announcements are automated notices, alerts, events, and connection requests sent to you through in-app notifications, push notifications, and/or email.  The bell icon in the top right shows the number of new/unread notifications.  From the menu, use the Announcements link to read these items.  You can adjust your notifications using My Settings.

Tasks are reminders about tasks you must complete related to records or registration holds.  All activity related to you, such as emails, notifications, events, group posts, and comments, pulls into your Activity feed.

From the My San Jac menu, click Discover and then the appropriate icon/tab to help you find new Groups, Events of interest, and People with similar profiles.

Tools are convenient links to external resources, such as Blackboard, Course Finder, Make an Appointment, and Registration.  To find tools that are helpful to you, expand a tool category or click Tools View all to see all tool categories.

Groups allow you to post, share, and engage. You can connect with relevant people, content, announcements, events, files, and conversations.

Departments and programs use Pages to provide you with content and contact information you need when you need it most.  To see what’s available, expand a page category or click Pages View all to see all page categories.  Click a page and if needed, add it to your Shortcuts.

How To's

Use the Make an Appointment link under Tools à Academic Support to schedule an appointment with any Student Services office.

You'll have a Registration link in the Tools section of the menu, and Announcements will show upcoming registration and payment deadlines.

Click the Make a Payment button in the My Account Balance widget.  Or use the Make a Payment link under Tools à Admissions & Aid.

Use the Get My Refund link under Tools à Admissions & Aid.

The My Blackboard widget shows your courses for the current semester. Then click any course hyperlink or the Open Blackboard button. You'll also find a Blackboard link under Tools à Paying for College.

Click the View Degree Evaluation button in the My Academic Plan widget. Or use the My San Jac GPS link under Tools à Academic Support.

On the Dashboard Transcripts quick links card, click one of the Official Transcript links (fee, or free which takes a bit longer).  Use the Other Transcript Info link for an unofficial transcript.

Yes. For a private chat with an individual or a group, click the Message icon near your Profile avatar.  Click the New Message icon, or click the See All button and then the New Message button.

Navigate to a Tool, Group, or Page.  When it opens in the Dashboard, click the star icon to add it as a favorite to your Shortcuts menu.  Use the Shortcuts Edit link to delete or change the order of your shortcuts.

For general IT questions click the Help button in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.  For general product questions, click your Profile avatar and select Help Center.  For questions about your My San Jac account, contact us at