San Jac My Way

San Jac My Way

With San Jac My Way, we’re offering five methods of course delivery so you can stay on track, your way!

ONLINE Anytime: Take your classes online, at any time! Our most flexible option allows you to work on coursework whenever your schedule allows, and you won’t come to campus at any point.

ONLINE On A Schedule: If you like the structure of a routine, this option is for you! All coursework will be completed online, but the lectures and virtual instruction will happen at specific times on certain days, just like a typical face-to-face course.

Hands-On HYBRID: Technical and applied skill courses will follow a hybrid format. Most class instruction will be delivered online. Students will come to campus in small groups to complete hands-on learning and practical testing.

FLEX Campus: This unique option will allow you to spend some time in the classroom with your instructor, in addition to online learning. Small groups of students in each class will have the option to attend in person while the remaining students access coursework online. The small groups will rotate so all students in a class have multiple chances to attend in person, although it’s never required when it’s your turn.


5 Ways to Stay on Track

San Jac My Way

How To Search For Courses By Instructional Method

As you look for classes in Course Finder, you’ll be able to search by instructional method to choose the type of course you’re interested in. Here are instructions on how to search by instructional method for courses in Course Finder and sections in SOS

How to Search for Courses by Instructional Method



Student Support

Regardless of the type of courses you choose, all students have access to the same resources and support:

  • Online Tutoring
  • Online Advising Chat
  • On-Campus Document Drop-off
  • Virtual appointments for:
    • Admissions Advising
    • Career Services
    • Dual Credit
    • Educational Planning
    • Financial Aid
    • Food Markets Sign-Up
    • International Student Services
    • Mental Health/Personal Counseling
    • Recruiting/Outreach
    • TSIA Testing
    • Veterans Services
  • Plus, class lectures will be available on Blackboard, no matter which type of course you choose


Schedule Virtual Advising

Coming to Campus

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, there are some new campus procedures to follow:

Your Health And Safety Are Important To Us

We know health and safety are of utmost concern, and it is a priority for us at San Jacinto College. We’re taking many precautions to maintain a healthy learning environment. Here are the ways San Jac is working to keep the College safe for our students, employees, and the community:

If you have more questions about the College’s Coronavirus response, you can find additional information, resources, and FAQs at