San Jacinto College welding students have enhanced training options, thanks to stainless steel pipes recently donated by LyondellBasell Channelview.

LyondellBasell donated stainless steel and standard carbon steel pipes valued at approximately $15,000, which will be used in training San Jacinto College welding technology students.

“The carbon steel pipes will be used for training students at every level, and the donation of the stainless steel pipes is especially significant because it will be used in training advanced students, such as those learning Gas Tungsten Arc Welding,” commented Eddie Foster, North Campus industrial technology department chair. “To my knowledge, it’s the largest single donation of stainless steel pipes the North Campus has ever received.”

Some of the donated carbon steel pipes have a thin layer of rust, which most steel acquires over time. “Rust on the carbon steel does not diminish the value of the pipe for training purposes,” commented Foster. “Most things made of steel will develop a surface layer of rust over time, but the rust can be easily removed by surface grinding.”

Stainless steel is typically around four times more expensive than standard carbon steel and has a different alloy composition, requiring welders to use different techniques. “Having a large quantity of stainless steel pipe allows our students to gain valuable hands-on experience with different types of metal, and become more versatile,” he commented. “It’s an advantage for a graduate applying for a job to have experience welding with stainless steel. We really appreciate this donation from Lyondell, a valuable industry partner with San Jacinto College.”    

David Sirman, LyondellBasell Channelview maintenance coordinator, said the pipe donation is a way of giving back to the community. “We had pipe that was purchased for projects and turnarounds that over a period of time was not used,” he said. “We were able to reach out to San Jacinto College and ask if they could use it. We wanted to give back and we were very happy the College could use it.”

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