In an effort to further high school students’ college readiness, San Jacinto College has partnered with J. Frank Dobie High School on a new initiative called Dobie College Now.

Over the last four years, Dobie High School’s campus-wide college-prep program, Dobie College Now, has provided its students with an array of opportunities to learn about the college application process, financial aid, and other information for first-time college students. Recently, the high school’s ACE (After school Centers for Education) program has allocated funds to pay for tuition and books for 40 Dobie sophomores to enroll in San Jacinto College’s Learning Framework (EDUC 1300) course. The San Jacinto College Learning Framework course helps students develop effective best practices for success in college.

These students have taken and passed the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI) and have met all the admission requirements for San Jacinto College. The ACE program provides after school opportunities focusing on college and careers that feature guest speakers from local industry professionals, various facility tours, and a chance for students to get hands-on experience in their areas of interest.

San Jacinto College South Campus Dual Credit Coordinator, Kate Graham, says this is an innovative way to help younger high school students prepare for the rigor of the College’s dual credit program. “This is a way to hopefully ease them into their first college course,” said Graham. “The idea is that we are preparing them as sophomores to be ready for full dual credit courses as juniors.”

Dobie High School College Now Coordinator, Jennifer Johnson, adds that this allows students to try out the dual credit program without the large-scale commitment that’s required their last two years of high school. “This new initiative helps identify students who are really ready to tackle dual credit classes and lets them see what the San Jacinto College dual credit program will be like during their junior and senior years,” said Johnson. “By taking the EDUC 1300 class their sophomore year, those moving on to the full dual credit program will have a chance to take more classes the summer prior to their junior year, helping them attain more college credit hours sooner.”

The EDUC 1300 course is taught at Dobie after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with tutoring on Wednesdays. Dobie teachers Jane Damico and Linda Puckett, who teach the course, are certified by San Jacinto College to do so. “Our students can see a light at the end of the tunnel as college students,” said Damico. “They carry themselves with greater pride and stronger confidence because of the Dobie College Now program. Our students are enthusiastically taking on the challenges of succeeding in a college culture.”

Dual credit programs are partnerships between state high schools, universities, and community colleges that allow junior and senior high school students to enroll in college courses to simultaneously earn college credit and high school credit. Dual credit programs allow for a smoother transition into college and increase the likelihood of degree completion.

In a recent study done by the Texas-ACT College Success Research Consortium of more than 36,000 first-time college students with and without dual credit hours, results showed that students with dual credit course hours were more likely to earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 within their first two years of college. The study also showed that 59 percent of students entering college with dual credit hours have greater chances of completing a bachelor’s degree within five years compared to 50 percent of students with no dual credit hours. Students entering college with dual credit hours also showed to complete a bachelor’s degree within 57 months, while those with no dual credit hours averaged degree completion within 72 months.

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