San Jacinto College Launches CPD Learn@Home

The San Jacinto College department of continuing and professional development (CPD) launched their site, Learn@Home at the beginning of May to address online learning needs for families during the stay-at-home orders of the pandemic and beyond.

“We noticed that there was a larger need in the community for at-home learning support during this pandemic,” said Dr. Janice Sullivan, dean of CPD community engagement. “It is our goal to further assist as many in the community as possible with free or low-cost resources.”

The site, offers tips for everything from video conferencing and fitness, to stress-busting arts and crafts as well as tips for parents, seniors, and retirees. These tips are backed up with CPD learning opportunities from computer courses in several areas including Microsoft Office, as well as programming and robotics.

“Right now, it is a scary time for those who have been either furloughed or are facing otherwise uncertain futures,” Dr. Sullivan said. “By utilizing resources we are already offering and collecting them all in one place, we can better serve those in need.”

Another service provided by Learn@Home is assistance for job seekers. With categories such as:

“Everything on the site is made to be user-friendly and accessible to all,” Dr. Sullivan said. “We are all facing uncertain times and this is just another way community engagement can serve as many people as possible.”

To learn more about Learn@Home and the resources they offer, visit