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Austin interior designer takes career 180 thanks to online program

October 3, 2022
Have you spent several decades in a job that pays the bills but leaves you feeling trapped or unfulfilled? What if you could take a career 180 from the comfort of home? Elizabeth Harvey did. In 2017, the longtime interior designer…

Valedictorian, associate degree, and A&M full ride: Zambrano is the ‘high school kid’ who could

October 3, 2022
“Where’s the math tutor?” At a table inside the San Jacinto College Student Success Center, Anthony Zambrano lifted his head from his Calculus III textbook. The tutoring center assistant pointed at him, and the student who had asked the…

Mass timber building boasts old-school construction with modern twist

October 2, 2022
Photographers call the time around sunrise or sunset the golden hour, when warm, soft light bathes everything. Stepping inside San Jacinto College’s new Anderson-Ball Classroom Building is like experiencing an all-day golden hour.…

Dr. Charles Grant: “I’ve always been a Promise Partner”

September 29, 2022
Like a salesperson, eyes twinkling, voice lowered, W.C. Cunningham closed the deal. “We’ve just formed a new college district in the area named San Jacinto Junior College,” said the Galena Park ISD superintendent. “Your son could stay home…

Promise scholarship allows Guerra to pursue her passion

September 22, 2022
  San Jacinto College student Serina Guerra has entered her second year at the College, pursuing a degree in psychology. Thanks to the Promise @ San Jac scholarship, she can pursue both her career goals and her passion for music. “I am…

Alumni association seeks Grad Week volunteers

September 19, 2022
Suit-Up Event
San Jacinto College alumni, we invite you to help us welcome our soon-to-be newest members of the alumni association during Grad Week Oct. 17-20. The alumni association needs volunteers to serve at…