NASA Pathway to the STARS grant

NASA Grant

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In April 2019, San Jacinto College received a NASA grant to provide FREE enriching STEM education and activities to under-served students in the Houston area to reduce long-term achievement gaps in STEM education and careers.  Students will receive an overview of the latest NASA projects as the agency plans a return to the lunar surface and charts a course towards MARS through hands-on project activities.  There are 3 main grade level course areas for students to take part in:  

4th and 5th grade Afterschool – includes six weeks of after school educational programming at their schools with STEM topics on humans surviving in space, the solar system size, mining in space, growing plants in space, snap circuits, robotics, water and air filtration, and more.

6th to 8th grade Summer camps- Students attend San Jacinto College campuses for one week-long camp focused on learning about NASA’s 2-year human journey to the red planet.  Activities included in the course include the engineering design cycle, rocketry, parachute landings, space suits, communications, navigational systems, space weather, robotics, and more… 

NASA students9th to 10 grade after school/Saturdays – Teens attend extracurricular after school or Saturday sessions on their campus for up to 9 weeks.  Students will receive an overview of living in microgravity, mining in space, radiation issues, electronic circuitry, computer programming, and more.  The activities will culminate into a final programmable design challenge judged by Aerospace industry partners and college faculty.   

Family Cafes- parents and families will be invited to campus for several FREE workshops on how to better engage with their students on STEM topics. Parents will receive instruction on at home activities they can do with their children with an explanation of the scientific theories behind each.