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Basic Bookkeping and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Budgets and Financial Reports - Creating & Reading

Business Ethics

Business & Technical Writing

Change Management

Coaching & Mentoring for Managers & Supervisors

Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers

Communication Strategies for Teams

Conducting Employee Reviews for Managers & Supervisors

Conflict Resolution

Contract Management Basics for Non-Legal Managers

Creative Problem Solving

Crisis Management

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Methodologies

Developing New Managers

Knowledge Management

Leadership & Influence

Leadership Skills for Managers

Leveraging Generation Gaps

Logistics Management

Manager Management

Managing Performance

Managing Productive Meetings

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Measuring Results from Training

The Middle Manager

Millennials on Board

Presentation Skills

Risk Assessment & Management

Safety in the Workplace for Non-Safety Supervisors & Manager

Step Up Supervisor

Stress Management

Supply Chain Management

Team Building

10 Soft Skills that You Need to Know