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This course provides the fundamental entry-level knowledge to work as a teller and teaches the basics of being an accurate and high-performing teller in a bank or credit union.


After completing this course, participants will be able to understand:

  • Define the role of a teller
  • Identify common documents handled by the teller
  • Define banking terms as it pertains to bank tellers
  • Determine if all documents are filled out correctly and completely
  • Explain the steps in the balancing process
  • Review how to balance your cash drawer
  • Know what to do if your accounts are over or short
  • Determine factors to be considered in making transaction decisions
  • Define the types of endorsements for checking cashing
  • Know the importance of following bank policy and procedures
  • Identify when to refer check-cashing situations for supervisory approval
  • Arrange and count currency using a prescribed method of counting
  • Know how to strap currency and roll coins in the proper amounts
  • Explain how to provide consistent quality customer service
  • Identify the elements of good customer relations and quality service


Anyone who would like to work as a teller at a bank or credit union


  • The Role of The Teller
  • Handling Checks
  • Processing Transactions
  • Cash Handling
  • Cash Balancing
  • Bank Services
  • Bank Security
  • Providing Quality Customer Service

Hours: 36 hours classroom
Course Fee: $430
Class Dates: Mar 29 to May 12, 2021
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Location: TBD

Textbook Required


More information contact:

Sheila Wall, Director, CPD Business Operations, Supply Chain, & Entrepreneurship 281-542-2061

Martha Mendiola, Senior Administrative Assistant, CPD Business Operations, Supply Chain, & Entrepreneurship