How Distance Learning Works

distance learning student at home
  1. Enrollment in a Distance Learning class at San Jacinto College requires that a student be admitted to San Jacinto College. If you have not been admitted you can begin that process by visiting the Steps to Enroll page on the San Jacinto College website. This site takes you through how to apply to SJC, additional requirements before registration, and how to register and pay for classes.
  2. Have you chosen a major? While many students at San Jacinto College enroll in both distance learning and face-to-face classes, we understand that some of our students need the flexibility provided by Distance Learning courses to complete a degree or certificate. Many of the San Jacinto College degrees and certificates are available completely online. If you have determined that distance learning courses are right for you be sure to check out this list to see if you can meet your goal entirely online.
  3. Now that you are registered for an online class you will want to prepare for success. This step-by-step video tutorial is available as an introduction to SJC's online student environment and related resources. Please visit the following link to learn more: SJC Distance Learning Tutorial
  4. It is time to start your semester. Log into the SJC Blackboard system and the first day of class and check your course for communication from your instructor to learn their expectations and get started on assignments.

    Don’t forget to purchase your books. These are a critical instructional tool that, if used properly, will contribute to your success in the class. Waiting on your financial aid to purchase? There is no need to worry. The SJC Bookstore can work with you to obtain your books. Contact them for more information