Outage Announcement

Outage Announcement

Planned College Data Center Outage                         

Who it affects:  All SJC Employees and Students


Please be advised, the college’s Data Center will be down for water line replacement from 4:00pm, Saturday, July 13th until 9:00pm, Sunday, July 14th.

During these times, users will not be able to utilize the following services:


  • SOS
  • Blackboard
  • My SanJac GPS
  • SJC Blogs
  • VPN
  • SJC Intranet
  • Transcript Transfer Service
  • Image scanning systems
  • Kaltura
  • WEPA
  • G: H: and P: , including all District shared drives
  • Access to Administrator VDI
  • Access to student VDI
  • Kiosk computers
  • Password Self-Service
  • Email faxing
  • Digital Signage at District
  • Phones and computers at District
  • Internet at District and Maritime
  • Drafting computers
  • Alertus
  • Cameras at District
  • Wireless at District
  • Polycom and Crestron systems


If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact Tech Support.

Our contact information is:


On-Campus: ext. 6137

Off-Campus: 281-998-6137